10 useful kitchen tools for eggs

There are so many ways to cook an egg and so many tools for it. Check these out!

1. Egg Poacher
Make the perfect poach egg with this tool. Just insert egg poacher onto pots filled with simmering water and crack egg into poacher. It’s ready once egg white solidified.

egg poacher

2. Egg roll toaster
Love those chinese egg rolls you normally only get during lunar new year? Now you can whip it quickly with this machine. No oil needed!

Egg roll toaster


Cut egg into thin slices in one swift motion. IKEA RM 4.90
egg slicer

4. Egg set
A fun egg cup which holds a spoon and a cap which can be used for depositing the eggshells.
House of Presentation RM 89.90
Egg holder set



5. Egg steamer
This egg steamer makes multiple egg at one go. It can also be used to steam or heat-up other food items like carrots, bananas, strawberries, corn and even pau.
egg steamer


6. Egg separator
This egg separator clips on to the side of most bowls or mugs for hands-free ease. Aino Living RM 9.90


egg separator


7. Egg cup
A basic egg cup to serve half-boiled eggs.
IKERM 9.90
egg cup

8. Egg frying pan
A small pan is great to fry a single egg. It’ll make a perfectly rounded egg.
Aino Living RM 43.90
egg frying pan

9. Egg and bacon maker
Cook an egg and bacon together, in minutes, conveniently from your microwave. The bacon and egg ease cuts prep time in half, helps keep the mess to a minimum, and makes cleaning up quick and easy. It’s the perfect tool for preparing muffin-style sandwiches. Aino Living RM 29.90

egg and bacon maker

10. Egg mold
Silicone molds which turns boiled eggs into cute animal characters.
The Idea King RM 9
egg mold


Do you have any of these?

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