10 types of ice-creams to try in Malaysia & where to get them

Notice the super hot weather lately? Brace yourself, as the mercury set to rise even further in July and August, forcing us to face the dry spells.

While there is no escaping the sun when you’re living in a tropical country (where it’s mostly warm all year round), we can counter the heat by consuming cold ice-cream. Indulge in these delectable ice creams to chill yourself out (literally):

1. Aiskrim Potong
The cube-shaped ice cream is served on a stick. Most popular flavours include durian, red bean and corn. They can be purchased at your local supermarkets and are usually a house party favourite.

Where to try: The Potong Artisanal Pops serves up fresh gourmet popsicle ice cream in various flavours! Try them out at Publika.

Photo credit: thepotong.com

2. Aiskrim Tempurung
The coconut ice cream is prepared in a a real coconut husk with favourite toppings of your choice; from nuts, sweet corn or even cornflakes and oats. The best part is its combination altogether with the coconut fruit usually at the bottom. The aiskrim tempurung can normally be found at street stalls or pasar malam

Where to try: Sangkaya at Jaya One in PJ serves artisan coconut ice cream fresh in real coconut husks; though you may choose to have them in a cup or waffle cones. The ice creams are purely made with coconut milk; leaving you with a creamy, melty taste in your mouth!

Photo credit: sangkaya.co

3. Aiskrim Pong
The childhood favourite of most school-going children in Malaysia, the colourful ice lollies are widely sold at sundry shops and ice cream sellers on their motorcycles, who wait eagerly in front of the schools every time the period’s over. It’s also the cheapest ice cream available, last we checked, it is priced at 30 cents per tube.

Where to try: Visit the nearest sundry shop, as most of them would stock this classic ice creams.

Photo credit: bukankosong.blogspot.com

4. Aiskrim Pasu
The potted ice cream truly resembles a potted plant, complete with gummy worms, dirt-looking chocolate powder or crushed biscuits, candy flowers, parsley, and other sweet treats as a nice finishing in your pot.

Where to try: You may order them from Aiskrim Pasu or visit the Aiskrim Pasu Marshmallow if you happen to be in Melaka.

Photo credit: aniszcenna.blogspot.com

5. Aiskrim Tongkat
Originally from Korea, the shape of this ice cream ‘cone’ resembles a walking stick and it is usually served in your flavour of choice. Its ‘cone’ is in fact deep fried crackers made from starch.

Where to try: Jipangi at Sunway Pyramid currently offers artisanal chocolate and vanilla flavours.

Photo credit: jipangi.my

6. Ais Kepal
The past generations grew up enjoying this simple but yummy icy treat. Made from a ball of crushed iced, the ice ball is then drizzled with syrup (usually brown sugar). The only way to eat it is to suck in its sweetness, and consider yourself lucky if you don’t get a brain freeze from it!

Where to try: If you happen to be in Ipoh, try the popular Bits & Bobs Ice Balls. The flavours offered include Nishibomb (a mixture of sarsi and asam), Jineebee (rosella and lychee), Ning Nong (gula melaka and lychee), and Busybee (sarsi, rosella and lychee). 

Photo credit: Ezry Abdul Rahman

7. Aiskrim Calong
The ice cream normally comes in a cone, but in Penang, it’s served with Benggali bread. The treat comes in many popular flavours, including strawberry, chocolate and corn.

Where to try: Catch some ice cream sellers on motorcycles, they normally sell the ice creams and are pretty cheap too.

Photo credit: thevocket.com

8. Aiskrim Goreng
When your favourite flavoured ice cream is breaded and quickly deep-fried, that’s what this creation is all about! A first bite into its crispy outer shell adds a wonderful contrast to the still-cold ice cream on the inside.

Where to try: Get the Nestle Aiskrim Goreng at any major supermarket near you.

Photo credit: foodmsia.com

9. Aiskrim Goyang
Based on a technique originating from Thailand, this type of ice cream is easily found in night markets. The preparation doesn’t need a Watt of electricity, instead only requires shaking the machine as fast as you can to freeze the ice cream. When they’re half-frozen in the machine, sticks are quickly placed in each mould before they’re shaken for the second time to be fully freezed.

Where to try: Pasar malam or ‘Downtown’ night markets.

Photo credit: mikimiko.com

10. Artisanal Scooped Ice Creams
Got extra moolah to spend? Why not try artisanal ice creams?

Where to buy? Put money where your mouth is at these popular ice cream joints: Inside Scoop, Whimsical Gelateria & Caffe, The Last Polka, Milkcow, Fatbaby Ice Cream, Fru T-Pop, Forty Licks, and Magnum Cafe.

Photo credit: Inside Scoop


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