10 traditional and delicious menu for raya open house

Malay food normally has variety of ingredients and can take hours to cook. However, they are always satisfying. We’ve scoured the net to look for 10 delicious recipe that normally comes with photo tutorial.  Some of them does not require a long time to make. Enjoy!

1. Ayam masak merah in 35 minutes
via Just As Delish

Ayam Masak Merah

2. Nasi briyani in 20 minutes
JewelPie: Briyani in 20 minutes

3. Beef rendang 3 hours 20 minutes
via Just As Delish

Beef Rendang


4. Sayur lodeh
via 3 Hungry Tummies

sayur lodeh


5. Ikan asam pedas
via Veronica’s Kitchen

ikan asam pedas

6. Lemang
via My Lemony Kitchen


7. Chicken satay
via Rasa Malaysia
chicken satay

8. Kuih bahulu
via Rasa Malaysia

kuih bahulu

9. Air bandung
via Tastemade

10. Ubi pedas (Spicy Tapioca Chips) 20 minutes
ubi kayu pedas

Now with an array of  biskut raya, hari raya open house will be complete!

What’s your favourite raya food? Let us know below, or on Facebook or Twitter.

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