10 tools to cut fruits quickly

Human always invent tools to help make life easier. While surfing on Pinterest (follow us!), we found some nifty creation to help us cut fruits faster and easier. Now we’re just figuring where and how to get them!

1. Apple peeler We can never peel an apple in a long, curly strip. This machine would help you do that.
8 tools to cut fruits quickly02

2. Avocado dicer What a brilliant way to cut avocado into cubes! It comes out at bite-size, perfect for salad.
8 tools to cut fruits quickly04

3. Banana Slicer This would make Banana covered in dark chocolate so much easier. It’ll slice the entire banana in less than a second. What a simple yet efficient tool!
8 tools to cut fruits quickly06

4. Strawberry slicer machine Give this machine a squeeze and perfectly sliced strawberry will appear.

8 tools to cut fruits quickly12

5. Egg slicer as strawberry slicer Sometimes we don’t need fancy tools for good results. Use an egg slicer to slice strawberries.
8 tools to cut fruits quickly07

6. Mango splitter This complements perfectly with JewelPie’s favorite way of cutting a mango. It remove the seed leaving you with the flesh. Why haven’t we seen this around?

8 tools to cut fruits quickly09

7. Cherry and olive pitter
This tool is made to remove seeds of cherries and olive, both fruits we normally do not eat in tropical country. But we think it’ll be handy to pit dates

8 tools to cut fruits quickly08

8. Pineapple slicer and corer We’ve never bought whole pineapple because of the hassle of cutting it. This tool peels, cores and slices the entire pineapple in seconds. It also preserves shells intact so you can use it as a bowl for parties. Genius!

8 tools to cut fruits quickly10

9. Straws to hull strawberry Sometimes, we don’t need advanced gadgets to get things done. To hull a strawberry, all you need is a straw!

8 tools to cut fruits quickly11

10. Apple slicer We use this in our kitchen a lot! (Available at IKEA and major supermarkets)

10 tools to cut fruits quickly11

Are you using any tools to help you cut your fruits? Let us know at the comment below or tell us on Facebook!

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