10 Tips When Hiring Part-time Cleaners

Part-time cleaners service is something we regularly use. We highly recommend busy homeowners to have cleaners over sometimes. Professional cleaner service ensure that your house is spick-and-span without you lifting a finger.

We’ve wrote a list of part-time maid agency and step-by-step tutorial on acquiring the service. Today, we’ll share with you a few tips we’ve learned over time.

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1. Plan what you want them to do
Plan ahead on what you want them to do. Be practical whether those things can be done in that hours you hire them. Start off with the most important task to be completed. It is necessary that the ceiling fan is wiped? If not, leave it to the last.

2. Prepare cleaning supplies, etc.
For a smoother process, you might want to prepare the cleaning supplies before they arrive. If you want them to change the bed sheet for you, lay them on the bed before they come. If you want them to iron clothes, collect and put aside wrinkly clothes.

3. Keep your valuables
Keep your valuables safe. Do not leave cash lying around everywhere. Put away your jewelry in a safe or a locked drawer. If you cannot have things locked away e.g phone and wallet, have them at your sight at all times.

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4. Avoid letting helpers out of the house of use the mobile/phone
Helpers should be in your compound during their service. Most companies will request that their helpers will not make phone calls. This is for yours and the company’s safety.

While it seems not to be a nice thing to do, we were given a letter by one of the companies, explaining that helpers are given pocket-money which allows them to shop or call their family during off hour.

5. Warn helpers about furniture or things that need greater care
You might have a certain furniture or things that are fragile or require greater care e.g we always tell our helper not to use Jif to scrub our oven to avoid the wordings to fade and to be careful with perfume bottles.

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6. See them at work sometimes
Everyone has different standard of cleanliness. To ensure that you’re satisfy with their cleaning, watch over them while they work and point out to them how you would like it done. After a few times, they should know your preference and clean accordingly.


7. Ask for the regular cleaners
If you’ve found helpers you like, take down their  names and request for them for the next service.

8. Write a comment or call up the management
At the end of the service, you’ll be given a card. If you’re not satisfied, write down why or call them up. When we receive good service, we always give glowing compliments.

9. Contract
If you’re happy with a cleaning service, have a short-term contract with them. They will be able to send the part-time maid to your house possibly weekly at a time and day suitable for you.

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10. Be nice
Alas, these helpers work all day. It’s always nice to offer them a glass of water, some biscuits and tell them that they are allowed to use the washroom. Be nice to them and they will be happy to work for you.

Have you hired a part-time helper before? Do you have any advise to offer?


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