10 things you’ll love about Xiao Mi’s Mi Band

I’ve tried a few fitness trackers including the VivoFit, FitBit and Goqii band; Mi Band is is something that I own and love (so far). While it does not have a digital screen to tell the time and check your progress, it comes with other interesting features. Of course, being the most affordable fitness tracker in the market means you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to have this useful but unnecessary device. Here’s what you’ll love about Xiao Mi’s Mi Band:


1. The most affordable fitness tracker in the market
Most fitness trackers cost a few hundred ringgit. Mi Band can be purchased at only RM 59!

2. Tells you when you move
Sure other fitness trackers will tell you how many steps you take. But the Mi Band takes it a notch up. It tells you when you were most active. It was rather interesting to see that cooking in the kitchen was considered exercise.

3. You only need to charge once a month
One full charge last 30 days. It means that you only need to charge the device once a month. Having so many devices that we need to charge such as phones and tablets, this is a huge attraction.


4. Tracks sleep automatically
Unless other device which requires manual setting, Mi Band tracks your sleep automatically. You’ll never have to set it nightly and it can track your sleep even if you accidentally snooze off.

5. Measure length and quality of your sleep
It tells you how many hours you slept and the hours of your deep sleep. Though you may be alarmed that your deep sleep may be just 2 hours, we’ve found that 20% deep sleep is sufficient.


6. Act as an alarm which wakes you up gently
Nobody likes to be rudely awakened by a loud alarm. With Mi Band, you can set an alarm, and the band will vibrate and slowly. You can even set the alarm to wake you up at

7. Tracks your weight automatically when you step on the Xiao Mi Smart Scale
Xiao Mi makes it easy for you to track your weight. You can pair Xiao Mi Smart scale (RM 158) with your Mi Band, the scale will send your weight to your band via bluetooth.

xiao mi smart weighing scale

8. Bath with it and wear it to the beach
Mi Band is 1P67 water-resistant. This means that it is offer full dust and water protection when it is submerged up to 1 meter of water for a 30 minutes duration. While it’s probably not wise to swim with it, you can wear it to the shower or beach.

9. Thin and fits snugly on your wrist
The Mi Band compared to other fitness tracker is very compact, thanks to the ultra thin 8 mm thick battery. Perhaps the Chinese designer know that Asians is relatively smaller, it fits snugly even on small wrists.


10. Vibrates when the phone rings so you’ll never miss a phone call
You can set the Mi Band to vibrate – from 3 seconds to 30 seconds – when your phone rings. This feature will be very useful if you often silent your phone; you’ll never miss a phone call.

I like how a fitness tracker keep me motivated to move and make me aware of how active (or inactive) I am.

Are you considering getting a fitness tracker?

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