10 Things You Can Make With Extra Durian

The thorny fruit, or famously known as the King of Fruit, is the object of desire for many adventurous foodies. Love it or hate it, most people who tried it keep coming back for more.

As unbearably unpleasant as its smell can be, there’s no denying that durian does possess its own ‘magnetic’ qualities.

Now that the fruit is in season, there will be an endless supply of them everywhere you go (plus the pungent fragrant that wafts through the air).

Bored with eating durian in its original form? Make these when you have extra durian on your plate:


1. Durian Crepe/Pancake
Durian crepe or durian pancake (sometimes fondly called as durian pillow), is basically mashed durian mixed with whipped cream; then wrapped with pancake. It started gaining attention from hungry foodies in Malaysia (as well as in Southeast Asia) less than 10 years ago. They’re easily available now – whether from exclusive bakeshop to street vendors –  and the best thing is, you don’t even have to wait for durian season to eat it if you’d rather buy them than make them. Try this recipe: Durian Pillows.

Photo: Durian Crepe by Sumptuous Desserts

2. Kerepek Durian
How would you like to eat durian in crunchy texture? Kerepek durian, or durian chips, might be the answer! It has a taste similar to kerepek ubi (potato chips) but sweeter. They’re normally made from durian seeds. The seeds are submerged in water for about 2-3 days until the outer layer of the skin breaks apart (making it easy to peel) and the consistency turned softer. The seeds can then be sliced and fried with slices of garlic and red onions. Try this recipe: Durian Chips.

Photo: Durian Chips by Two Sisters Chips & More

3. Dodol Durian
How about durian in much chunkier texture? The toffee-like confection melts in your mouth too and are just as tasty and sweet. Back in the olden days, the process of making a batch of dodol is quite rigorous, but worth the effort. These days, however, you don’t have to spend the entire four days to make them. Dodol durian is made by boiling coconut milk before adding in ingredients such as flour, brown sugar and most importantly lempok (cooked and thickened durian flesh). Try this recipe: Classic Dodol Durian.

Photo: Dodol Durian by Tan Kim Hock Sdn. Bhd.

4. Pengat Durian
Great for breakfast and tea time, pengat durian can be enjoyed with bread or glutinous rice. Also known as Serawa Durian, the dessert is a favourite among the kampung folks and is pretty easy to make and does not require much time. What you’ll need to make them include brown sugar, plain water, coconut milk, pandan leaves, several durian fleshes, granulated sugar (optional), and salt. Try this recipe: Pengat Durian.

Photo credit: Walter [email protected]

5. Tempoyak
The tradition of eating tempoyak dates back to 1836 Terengganu, where it was recorded in Hikayat Abdullah (the travel journal of Abdullah Munshi). It was stated in the journal that tempoyak was one of the daily foods of the local folks. Tempoyak is made from durian fleshes (where the seeds are separated) with salt added, before it’s kept in room temperature for three to five days for fermentation process. Tempoyak is rarely eaten by itself, instead it’s made as a sambal or as a main ingredient in traditional dishes like gulai tempoyak ikan patin. Try this recipe: Traditional Tempoyak.

Photo credit: [email protected]


6. Durian Ice Cream
Who wouldn’t love a nice cold durian ice cream during the hot season? If eating durian in its original form doesn’t do it for you, perhaps a cone of durian ice cream could help ease your disgust. It’s super easy to make at home. Try our homemade recipe:

homemade durian potong

7. Durian Cheesecake
Have you ever thought about combining two chunky foods together? Durian cheesecake might do the trick! It may taste odd or too much for some, but for the die-hard foodies, they taste heavenly! You could either make durian ice cream and to top the cheesecake, or make a durian cheesecake by adding several durian fleshes. Try our cheesecake recipe (and add some durian according to your preferance): Blueberry Cheesecake in 30 Minutes (No-Bake).


8. Durian Smoothie/Juice
This is the fastest and easiest way to try durian where it’s not in its original form. Traditionally used to help people with insomnia and depression due to its immense amount of antioxidants, vitamin C and tryptophan; it can also be used as a great body cleanser or detoxifying agent. Try this recipe: Durian Drink.

Photo credit: [email protected]

9. Durian Tart
Love to bake? Try making durian tart for a change. Egg tarts are all the rage for bakeshop customers and baked good lovers, but durian tart may be hard to come by (if you’re lucky, your local bakery may stock them regularly). Why not bake them yourself? To save time, you can also buy the ready-made tart crust at baking supplies shop and skip to the filling part. Try this recipe: Durian Tarts.

Photo credit: Lyrical [email protected]

10. Durian Cookies
Also another thing to make for those who love to bake with extra durians on their plate. Durian cookies provide the extra crunchiness texture that the durian chips may lack. Whether sweet or creamy, it’s up to you to bake them according to your tastebud. Try this recipe: Durian Cup Cookies.

Photo: Durian cookies from Durian Lagenda, RM5.50 per piece


How do you normally enjoy your durian? Share it with us at the comment box below or on Facebook!

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