10 things we did for our sea & beach themed party

My sister and her good friend Adeleine wanted to do something fun together. As their birthdays were nearing, we took the opportunity to throw an intimate house party. We decided on a beach-themed party, found some inspirations online (20 food and decor ideas for a beach themed party) and did it! Here are the 10 things we did:
Pufferfish Fruit Platter

1. Prawn cocktail
Prawn cocktail fits the theme and it’s quick to prepare.  (Prawn cocktail recipe)

prawn cocktail

2. Pufferfish Fruit Platter
Fruits are incredibly versatile. It can be turned into many things (check out 22 Creative Fruit and Vegetable Art). We turned a watermelon into a pufferfish. (Pufferfish Fruit Platter Tutorial)

Pufferfish Fish Watermelon

3. Seashell cheesy pasta
We use conchiglie, a seashell shaped pasta to make a pasta with cheese and peas.

pearls and seashells cheesy pasta4. Veggie boat
A regular bowl of salad can be replaced with veggie boats. We thought they make cute ‘cakes’ and poked candles on it!  (Veggie boat recipe)

veggie boat

5. Seashells chocolates
The simplest dessert: a box of Guylian seashell chocolates!


6. Ocean water
We made drinking water a tad bit interesting by colouring it with a blue flower and call it ‘ocean water’. (Recipe: ocean water)

ocean water

7. Coconut water
These are bought from the supermarket. We adorned them with decorative umbrellas and colourful straws.

Coconut water

8. Seashells decor
Candles and seashells were laid on the table.


9. Food tag with oyster shells
When you order oyster at a seafood restaurant, remember to takeaway the shells. We used them to hold our food labels.

seashell chocolates


10. Oyster candle decor
Illuminate the hall with candles top with oyster shells! (Oyster candle decor tutorial)

oyster candle

11. Sounds of waves
We ordered Google Chromecast from Amazon which allow us to watch Youtube on TV. On that day, we played the sound of waves. Find one which play for hours (like this one), to ensure your music wouldn’t stop in the middle of a party.


Have you hosted a themed party at home?

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