8 smart ideas to use and store hairpins

We never have enough hairpins; they’re so small we lose them all the time! Frustration leads us to search for smart ideas to store them. While at it, we’ve found other cool ways to use these hair essentials.

1. Hair brush with storage This hairbrush has a built in storage for hair accessories. As if it’s not smart enough, it has a magnetic interior to keep hairpins from clanking around!


2. A nail/screw box Go to the hardware store like Ace Hardware and get a nail/screw box to store your bobby pins and other hair accessories.  They are perfect as nails/screws are about the same size of pins.(via Pinterest)bobbypinbox

3. Tic tac box Get a box of Tic Tac, eat the sweets and keep the box to store your hairpins! You can get them at Presto or Tesco.tictacpin

4. Magnetic strip Install a magnetic strip behind your cabinet and stick  your hairpins on it.  (via Pinterest)


5. Frame and lace Display your beautiful hairpins on strips of lace.




6. Necklace Brazilian eco designer created beautiful jewellery using plastic bottles, circuit boats and bobby pins to create fabulous jewelry. How creative!


7. Chevron earring  created with bobby pints, paint, wire and a earring hook. Tutorial here.


8.  Dotting tool for nails You don’t need a dotting tool for a cute manicure. All you need is a hair pin!


Do you use hair pins? Where do you normally store them?

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