Add colour into your living room. 10 small items.

It’s not difficult to change a landscape of a living room. Flowers, cushions, paintings or other small but unique items can change a space. On our recent visit to IKEA Malaysia., we’ve seen many new ornaments in bright, happy colours. These are some of our favourites which are below RM 100:

JewelPie: 10 things to brighten your living room - IKEA

(1) BARBAR Tray (2) Cushion cover (3) Smycka Artificial flowers- Dahlia(4) JAGBIG Pattern candle (5) Vate Table Lamp (6) SOLMYRA Poster (7) SOMRIG bottle vase (8) OLSBO Red frame (9) Socker Blue Bucket (10) SMYCKA Wall Clock

These will sit well in our monochrome living room which is in need of some colour.

Will your living room benefit from any of the items? Let us know below, or on Facebook or Twitter.

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