10 Pretty Stackable Rings By Hayley Paige x Hearts on Fire

If you know me, you know that I don’t wear costume jewellery. Every piece of jewellery that I wear is made from real precious metal and/or gemstones.

Pretty & Practical

While it may seem a little err ‘atas’ (fancy) to some, I think I’m only being practical. I like to buy thing that will retain its value and last.

My thinking is this “Since I buy jewellery to wear anyway, I might as well buy something valuable”. It’s should be something that still has commercial value after purchase and could be passed on to the next generation.

Most importantly, it’s something that I can wear daily without taking it out at all and will not tarnish. I wear a few simple pieces everyday – to sleep, to shower, to work, and to play.

Especially since I am on my journey to financial-freedom and happiness – I am selective of what I buy. I only buy quality items that I absolutely love and will last for a long, long time.

Hayley Paige for Hearts on Fire, Habib Jewels

At Habib, I was especially taken with Hailey Paige’s designs for Heart Of Fire collection. She’s a renown bridal designer in New York and created such dainty, exquisite, and modern pieces that is available at Habib Jewels. I like that these rings are stackable too.

  1. Sloane Picot Keep It Classic Metal Band – RM 3655
  2. Behati Sweet Heart Band – RM 4,405
  3. Love Code Wrap Band – RM 4,085
  4. Mrs Code BandRM 3,760
  5. Forget You Never Band – RM 3,397
  6. Behati Tiara Band – RM 5, 050
  7. Behati Bold Shapes Band – RM 5, 910
  8. Harley Silhouette Power Band – RM 11, 395
  9. Behati Silhouette Power Band – RM 7, 955
  10. Love Code Band – RM 8,385

Though they are designed as wedding bands, but I think many of the designs are great for everyday, personal pieces.

Other cute, smaller gold pieces

On some days, I feel like I deserve to buy a new pair of cute dress for working so hard #shoppingtherapy. What I do is I buy a small piece of cute and affordable jewellery that is worth the same as clothing.

I’m so glad I did that; instead of just having heaps of valueless clothes, I have a collection of precious jewellery. At Habib’s Colourful Gem festival at IOI Mall in Putrajaya, I found a lot of those.

Habib Colourful Gem Festival

Now until 1st December, Habib is showcasing their biggest gemstone jewellery collection with more than 1000 pieces of precious gemstones jewellery. It’s inconjunction with Malaysia’s annual Year End Sale celebration.

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