10 Malaysian recipes you can make in 30 minutes

It’s surely easier to make a complete western meal in half an hour than it is to make local meals. Many Malaysian recipes require time-consuming work such as grinding spices and cooking sambal over the stove. As I wanted to have delicious Malaysian food but I was not willing to spend a lot of time for it, I compiled and simplified some of Malaysian favourite dishes.

1. Nasi lemak
Yes, it’s possible to make Malaysian national dish in half an hour if you can multi-task. One of the many tricks is to make ikan bilis in microwave.

Nasi Lemak

2. Fish balls
Who doesn’t like fish balls? Malaysians have it for breakfast at dim sum restaurants, have fish ball noodles for lunch and even at pasar malam. Once you realise how fast it can be to make your own fish balls, its hard to buy packet ones.

fish balls

3. Teh Tarik
I can’t resist including Malaysian favourite drink!

Teh Tarik- Malaysian Meals In 30 Minutes

4. Wantan Mee
One of my absolute favourite. At home, with some tips and enough practice, this can be made in 15 minutes. Really!

wantan mee

5. Cekodok
A simple three ingredients dessert, I first made for my host family in Japan. From my experience, foreigners, locals, adults or kids love this! cekodok

6. Sambal Petai
You either love or hate sambal petai. To me, this is absolutely irresistible. Good news is with a homemade shrimp chili paste, it can be whipped up in mere minutes!sambal petai

7. BBQ Chicken Wings
Inspired by Wong Ah Wah’s chicken wings at Jalan Alor where I grew up, I love making this for parties. While it’s best to marinate it overnight, once ready it can be baked or even fried very quickly!chicken wings

8. Portuguese grilled fish
Oh, I remember at one point I have this at Midvalley’s food court everyday. If a restaurant can prepare and serve minutes, we sure can do the same at home. So I did and it became my signature dish. I love making it at parties because it’s so delicious and easy!

Portuguese Fish

9. Dhal curry
Inspired by my partner’s mother, I started making dhal curry at home. I was told that a certain dhal cook faster than another. Yup, it is possible to cook dhal in a pot in merely half an hour.

dhal curry

10. Fried Fish
Do you love banana leaf rice? I do and I always like to order fried fish. So I came up with a simplified version of it.

Fried Fish

To get the recipes and shortcut to cook the above recipes, order ‘Malaysian Meals In 30 Minutes’ from MPH Online or pick up a copy at your nearest bookstore.

What’s your favourite Malaysian food?

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