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On how labelling negative feelings makes you happier, being a polymath, and the history of Maldon Salt.

  1. Doing these four things will make you happier according to Neuroscience 
  2. Have you thought about retirement? Getting ready for it is the key says a Malaysian financial blogger.
  3. 35 Things That Happens When You’re Good With Money
  4. I want to be rich and I’m not sorry –  An inspiring story of a woman who is not apologetic about wanting to make money. -“I want to be it for little girls whose parents aren’t saving for their educations, whose friends make fun of them for wanting too much from their lives. I want to make the kind of money that allows me to jet to Mexico on a Tuesday, to meaningfully contribute to nasty politicians, to afford a shark of a lawyer if any man ever lays a finger on me again.
  5. How to pick a career that actually fits you
  6. The key to success may not be talent but confidence. Here’s an interesting video on confidence. – “It’s humbling to realise just how many great achievements haven’t been the result of superior talent or technical know-how, merely that strange buoyancy of the soul we call confidence.” 
  7. People who have “too many interests” are more likely to succeed according to research.
  8. The history of Maldon salt
  9. Learn to doodle from Jon Burgerman at Skillshare.
  10. Why some people click so easily? They share the same brain wave – “Our results suggest that friends might be similar in how they pay attention to and process the world around them,” Dr. Parkinson said. “That shared processing could make people click more easily and have the sort of seamless social interaction that can feel so rewarding.”
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