10 IKEA hacks: standing-desks for your home office

We’ve spoken to a chiropractor who advised us to alternate between sitting and standing while working infront of the computer. To prevent injury to the spine due to sitting long hours, we have been thinking to get a standing desk. Since it’s not easy to get one, we thought of doing some hacks. Here are some of our favourites hacks from IKEA Hackers.

1. Expedit standing desk with a stool
Idea: “I wanted a place to store a stool under the desk, but since I live in a small space and every square-inch matters, I didn’t want too much dead space beneath the table top. ” (Sharon)


Materials: 1 LINNMON table top (78 3/4″ x 23 5/8″), 2 EXPEDIT shelving units (31″x31″), 8 CAPITA legs (6″)

2. A standing desk with space for book reader holder and printer
Idea: …a hack of making a standing desk with extra space for book reader holder, printer and document. It stacks 2 LACK side table to serves as storage for printer and other stuff. Then on top put a RAST Nightstand for monitor / notebook. Finally a EKBY LAVIA SHELF for holding keyboard and mouse is added by using screw (Ben Lau).


Material: LACK Side Table x 2 , RAST Nightstand, EKBY LAIVA SHELF (59x24cm), few screws
Click for tutorial

3. Movable Expedit Standing Desk With Storage
Idea: A movable furniture which can be used as a standing desk as well as for storage.


Materials: Expedit 5×5 Bookshelf, Expedit cabinets and drawers, Expedit Casters (4 sets), Frosted glass panel
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4. Rast Bedside Tables into Standing Desk with Storage trays
Idea:  “I do a lot of work on the computer as well as drawing by hand and wanted to be able to be on my feet or sitting while working.I found that the height of two RAST nightstands turned on their ends (52cm each) is the perfect height for a standing table.” (Lalangri)

Materials: 4x RAST nightstand, 1x LINMON table top 200 x 60 cm, 1x FRANKLIN bar stool, Two trays 35 x 35 cm (not from Ikea) Click to read more

5. Standing desk
Idea:  “For the basic design I used a desk by Thibaut Colar as a template. The main difference is that instead of gluing two smaller square EXPEDIT bookcases together it was easier to simply purchase a single wider bookcase of basically the same overall dimensions.”

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6. Standing work counter on wheels
Idea:I wanted a solution that allowed me to stand, sit on a stool (and hence provided legroom). I also wanted the ability to wheel it around to position it in the middle of the room. I also wanted space underneath to store boxes of nic-nacs, tools, cables etc.” (Dexter_ace)


Materials: Home Depot 3″ red wheels, Ikea Ullrik storage “leg”,  Ikea Ullrik storage “leg”, Capita bracket set of 2 x 2, Linmon red surface 120×60, Home Depot mending plates

7. LINNMON treadmill desk with PVC pipe legs
Idea:This desk uses the LINNMON as table top and the ADIL legs. It uses all 1.5 inch PVC tube” (Kirk)

Materials: Linnmon, Linnmon/ adils.
Read more at: 1st gen and 2nd.

8. LINNMON treadmill desk with PVC pipe legs
Idea:Using the two Billy bookshelves as ‘legs’ for the desk, I placed the Linnmon table top on top of the shelves” (Kevin Weirauch)

standing desk ikea

Materials: Billy bookshelves, Linmon table, Ekby Tore shelf mount
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9. Expedit standup desk
Idea:I simply took a 4×2 and a 5×1 Expedit, topped with a Lack table plate. All this is held together by 3M Velcro Tape” (Falco) Click to read more


10. Seated Corner OR Standing Desk with Billy and Linmon
Idea: “A few years ago I decided to build a standing desk, and after years of using one at home I finally got one for work too. But I think standing at work AND home is a bit much so I converted it to a regular seating desk using the same parts” (Kristianl)desk10

Materials: Billy Bookcase, Linmon Tabletop Click to read more

 photo credit: IKEAhackers

Are you looking to build a standing desk? Check out more ideas at IKEAhackers.net

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