10 ideas to save space in the kitchen

Houses in the cities are getting smaller and so are the kitchens. This makes is important to maximize the area given for more storage and working space.

1. Over the sink cutting board
A cutting board and colander, designed to be used over the sink.


2. Fodable counter top
A foldable counter top allows extra two feet space to use as a work space. It can be folded when not in used and kept at a corner.
foldable kitchen counter

3. Hanging fruit basket
Make use of empty space in the air by hanging a wire fruit basket on the ceiling.

hanging fruit basket


4. Fruit
Wire rack for magazines can be installed on the wall as fruit baskets.


5. Hang pots
Instead of keeping pots and pans in the cabinet, hang them over the stove.

hang pots


6. Build in counter top
A built-in kitchen table with wheels enabling it to rolls back under the counter.

build in counter


7. Pull-out side cabinet
Make use of extra space at the corner of a fridge through a built-in, pull out side cabinet. 

pullout side cabinet

8. Wall mounted table
This BJURSTA wall-mounted drop-leaf table from ikea IKEA becomes a practical shelf for small things when folded down. Fold it up and it functions as a table.



9. Under cabinet storage for mugs
Install hooks under the cabinet to hold mugs which otherwise takes up a lot of cabinet space.

under cabinet storage

10.Backsplash rack
Backsplash racks offer easy access and stylish storage.

How do you save space in the kitchen?

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