10 ice-cream things we want in our home

Whether you have children or not, it is not a bad idea to have ice-cream at home. You can make everyone homemade ice-cream with ice-cream maker machines such as one from Kenwood and De’Longhi. If you don’t like cream, you might like a frozen fruit ice-cream maker. If don’t want to make any, you can always buy them off the shelf and keep them in your fridge. It’s all up to you!


1. Bayers Frozen Fruit Ice Cream Maker FB-81
The Bayers Frozen Fruit Ice Cream Maker FB-81 can turn frozen fruit into a delicious and healthy soft treat. It uses frozen bananas as its main ingredient and other frozen fruits to churn out a wonderful soft ice-cream consistency with no fat, sugar and preservatives.
RM 99
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2. Purple ice-cream spoon RM 5.30
When kids ask for ice cream, just hand your little one a scoop of their favourite frozen treat. This ice-cream spoon  features a kid-friendly grip.
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3. Kenwood Major Ice Cream Maker RM 319
This is an attachment to create ice creams and sorbets. It takes just up to 30 minutes to prepare up to a litre of ice cream, with no artificial colouring or additives.
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4. Ice Cream & Stripes iPhone 5/5S Case
We cannot resist putting this phone cover in the list because it is so adorable!
RM 49
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5. Ice-cream scoop RM 20.90
The round shape head will yields perfect round scoops ice cream, frozen yoghurt, sorbet, or any frozen dessert. The ice-cream will also easily release from scoop right into your bowl! One trick to make sure that you don’t get a sloppy shaped ice cream, heat the scooper for about 20 to 30 seconds in hot water after each scoop of ice cream.
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6.Kenwood Ice Cream Maker IM280 White RM 179
This ice-cream maker can give you delicious homemade ice cream as quick as 15 to 30 minutes. Its fast freezing, double insulated freezer bowl plays an important role in producing 1.5L of delicious ice cream. The wide chute allows for even mixing and makes it easy to add ingredients while the machine is operating.
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7.De’Longhi Il Gelataio Ice Cream Maker RM 1999
This machine comes with a durable stainless steel removable bowl that has a 1.2 litre capacity so you can make 700g of homemade ice cream at one go.
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ice-cream8. King’s Crispy Ice Cream Cones RM 2.29
We think that ice-cream taste much better when served on ice-cream cones.

9. Wall’s Paddle Pop Rainbow Ice Cream RM 7.99
Paddlepop brings back fond childhood memories. Keep a tub in the fridge and indulge on days you need a little cheering up.

10. Nestlé Kit Kat Chocolate RM 2.99
We have not tried this, but Kit Kat and ice-cream combined sounds delicious to us.

What is your favourite ice-cream?

photo credit: Lazada and Tesco

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