10 Healthy Buka Puasa Meals At Ramadan Bazaar

Ramadan is not only the time to purify oneself, be it physically and spiritually, but it is also the great time to change some of one’s bad habits.

Ramadan bazaars are filled with mouthwatering delicacies, some of them healthy while the rest are often fatty.

This Ramadhan, why not change your bad habit of eating unhealthy food, by breaking your fast with healthy food? These are 10 healthy buka puasa meals you can buy at most Ramadan bazaars:

1. Tauhu sumbat
Stuffed tofu varies in ingredients and cooking. For healthier option, buy the ones which are baked and stuffed with bean sprouts, cucumber and carrot shreds. Enjoy them with kuah kacang!

tauhu sumbat
Photo credit: Amal [email protected]

2. Sayur Pecel 
Pecel is an Indonesian sauce made of coconut sugar, tamarind, peanuts and chillies and is commonly served over boiled vegetables, which makes them healthy as they contain zero oil.

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3. Putu mayam 
Putu mayam contains coconut milk, flour and water as its main ingredients. They’re steamed with added juice from the aromatic pandan leaf as flavouring. Enjoy it with less dip (gula Melaka and coconut).

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4.  Popiah basah
Spring rolls wrapped with mengkuang shreds, lettuce, stir fried eggs, bean sprouts and long beans are preferable. Since they’re normally enjoyed with chilli or soy sauce, enjoy them in moderation for a healthy eat.

Photo credit: Boo [email protected]

5.  Kebab
Kebab is quite filling for starters or even as the main meal. For a healthier option, ask the abang kebab to add more veggies and reduce the mayonnaise and sauce (or skip them all together).

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6. Bubur lambuk
One of Ramadan’s must-haves in Malaysia, the porridge is sought-after during the fasting month as it’s normally available during Ramadan. Bubur lambuk is typically made of rice mixed with spices and traditional veggies like pucuk paku miding.

Photo credit: Noda [email protected]

7. Bihun soto
Bihun soto is served with ketupats and plenty of bean sprouts, among other ingredients. That said, the soup should be eaten in moderation for less sodium consumption.

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8. Nasi kerabu
Instead of nasi minyak or nasi tomato which are widely sold at Ramadan bazaars, opt for nasi kerabu as it contains less calories and is higher in fibre content. Choose raw veggies, coconut sauce, fish crackers and one small fried fish for your side dishes. Enjoy them with budu in moderation for less sodium consumption.

Photo credit: Choo Yut [email protected]

9. Laksa Penang
The slurpy dish for rainy days contain tamarind and mackerel as the main ingredients, aside from lemongrass, galangal and chilli. Though a bowl of it only contains 2g of fat, eat the soup in moderation for less sodium consumption.

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10. Nasi lemak
Rest assured that you can still enjoy your favourite breakfast meal during the fasting month, only this time in the evening. Breaking your fast with a packet of nasi lemak is enough to energise you without feeling too full to perform your Tarawih prayers.

Photo credit: Liyin [email protected]

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