10 desserts for coffee-lovers

Most of us can’t do without coffee in the morning. Some of us even grab another cuppa right after lunch just to make sure we will last till the end of work day. If you are a coffee-addict, you would probably enjoy coffee not in liquid form. Check out these coffee-base dessert!

1. Coffee Jelly
(Source: www.foodiewithfamily.com)
Coffee jelly

2. Cappuccino Ice-pop
(Source: https://www.pinterest.com/)
Cappucino Ice-pop


3. Caramel and Coffee-infused Creme Brulee
(Source: http://diethood.com/caramel-coffee-infused-crme-brulee/)
Coffee Brulee


4. Coffee Coconut Agar Dessert


5. Coffee Flan
Coffee Flan


6. Mocha Mousse


7. Coffee Granita
(Recipe: Food Republic)



8. Coffee Toffee Bonbon Squares
(Recipe: Creative Culinary)

coffee toffee


9. Tiramisu
(Recipe: Food Network)



10. Banana Coffee Muffin
(Recipe: Food Network)


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