10 creative ways to decorate walls (like shopping bags!)

Frames are often used to decorate an empty wall. They come in various sizes, available everywhere and gives you freedom to fill whatever in it to give your home a more personal touch. But it is not necessary to fill it with paintings or photographs. Here are 10 creative ideas to dress up your bare walls.

1. Shopping bags
This is perfect for the shopaholic. We always find it too difficult to throw pretty paper bags away. Why not frame them up?


2. Patterned paper
A simple way to give a solid color home some interesting design without costing an arm and a leg. The best part is there are plenty of designs to choose from and you can always buy new ones from an art store once you get bored of it.


3. Maps
This is for those who wants to be reminded that there is a lot of the world for them to see. Frame up the world map or even maps you collected from the tourist information centre from your travels.


4. Stamps
Wonder no more what you want to do with your mother’s old stamp collection. Create a collage on a piece of blank paper and frame it up.


5. Old Story books
Frame up your books you read when you were a kid or old books you no longer need.



6. T-shirts
T-shirt from your sports team in school or the conference during your university days which you’ve tucked away can be framed up too. Or you can use your old graphic tees.

7. Handkerchief / fabric
While we may no longer use handkerchief, if you could find pretty ones like in the photo you must admit that they look very good. Even easier, get some fabric from the tailor/cloth store. You will be spoilt for choice.


Collect some of your favorite quotes, print and frame them up.

Frame_JewelPie42 Frame_JewelPie43

[image source]

9. Music sheet
Frame your favourite piece of music. Bach maybe?

Frame_JewelPie37 Frame_JewelPie38

From [image source]


10. Nothing
Who says you need to frame anything at all? Frames can look good even when its empty!

Frame_JewelPie33    Frame_JewelPie40 From [image source]

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