10 creative ideas for a mini home bar

At family gatherings, wines and beers are offered freely to guests. It’s something we always aspire to do one day. We are no longer consoled that serving water and juices would be enough. It’s time to increase our liquor collection to more than just vodka and champagne. We’ll like to learn to serve some cocktails with ease.

Plans to create a mini bar at home is underway. We’ve been doing some research on things to buy and how we want it to be. While we were looking for design inspiration on Pinterest (follow us!), we found some creative ideas for a at home bar.

1. Wall barbar

2. Beach cart


3. Old TV
JewelPie: Bar

4. Crate


5. Custom mini bar


6. Side table


7. Bookshelf


8. Hidden bar

9. Trolley


10. TV cabinet

barDo you serve alcoholic drinks at home? Let us know below, or on Facebook or Twitter.

photo credit: Pinterest

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