10 clever kitchen tools you want in your kitchen

We’ve found some cool kitchen tools that might help you solve problems you face in the kitchen. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of funky tools on the net, especially if you’re addicted to Pinterest.  However, these are available for purchase at Malaysia from The Idea King!

1. Citrus sprayer  RM 28
Attach this spray onto a fruit and spray juice directly from it!

clever kitchen tools

2. Pineapple slicer
For someone who doesn’t know how to cut a pineapple, this item is a must.

clever kitchen tools
3. Diamond ice-cube maker
The only question is, how to make it crystal clear?

clever kitchen tools


4. Apple peeler
Peels apple skin in one long strip!
clever kitchen tools

5. Banana slicer
It’s quick and ensures bananas slices are cut evenly.

clever kitchen tools

6. Cake cutter
Cut and serve cakes in one swift, motion.

clever kitchen tools

7. Self-stirring mug
With this mug, you don’t need to wash your teaspoon!

clever kitchen tools

8. Garlic peeler
A rubber mat that helps peel of ginger.


9. Corn stripper 
Now you don’t have to cut your corn with a knife.

clever kitchen tools

10. Dumpling mold
A simple gadget to help you make dumplings of the same size

clever kitchen tools


Which is your favourite kitchen tool?

photo credit: My Idea King

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