10 beauty tool you might not have heard of

These beauty tools are beyond the common hair dryers or eye lash curlers. Have you heard of automatic hair curler which turns straight hair into waves in a click of a button? Or a peg-like tool to clip on your nose to help make it smaller?

1. Magic Nose Sharper
An instrument used to mould the cartilage in the nose. It claims that with regular use, nose can be made smaller.
RM 30

nose sharper


2.Facial Steamer
A facial steamer is made to stimulate your facial pores and improve the blood circulation in your face.
RM 99



3. Skin Analyser
This Skin Analyzer provides the skin profile scores such as moisture, oiliness and dead cell thickness.
RM 117.26

skin analyser

4. Mobile Ion Generator
Sharp’s mobile ion generator releases water molecules which adhere to the skin, forming a ‘water molecule coating’. This keeps the skin surface moist. And when the skin is moist, it becomes elastic and adds more texture to the skin.

RM 393.50

ion generator sharp

5. Cellulite Massager
This massager administers circulation enhancing massages that work to smooth out and eradicate cellulite around the upper arms, legs and bottom. This is particularly targets cellulite, orange peel skin, and loose connective tissue situated in your legs, upper arms and bottom.
RM 422
cellulite massager

6.Anti-wrinkle Pen
This anti-wrinkle pen claims to deliver skin growth factor hEGF right down to the bottom layer of skin directly. It promotes secretion to increase the composition of collagen and elastin, enhance renewal of cells rapidly, and minimize wrinkles from inside to out, gradually smooth fine lines around the eye zone, lighten dark circles, and improve puffy eyes.

RM 102

7. Heated Eyelash Curler
The machine emits heat and effectively curls all your eyelashes, even the finer lashes at the corners.

heated eyelash curler

RM 49.50

8. Blackhead pore cleaner (Panasonic) RM 156
This battery-powered Spotcleaner minimizes your pores and removes impurities by penetrating deep below the skin’s surface. It helps get rid of excess oil and dirt on pores.
blackhead spot cleaner

9. Automatic Curling Iron
Simply put the hair you would like to curl in the machine and within seconds you will achieve the perfect long-lasting curl.
RM 888

babyliss miracurl


10.Warm Wax Hair Removal
This tool allows you to have salon-quality hair removal. Apply the wax from the machine, place the waxing sheet over it, and pull it off.
RM 336

Wax Hair Removal



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