10 affordable juicers for a budget kitchen

After watching ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead,  we became interested in the benefits of drinking juice. It’s amazing how it helped an overweight and sick man regained his health and fitness. If you want to try out juicing but you not prepared to invest in a high-end one, check out these pocket-friendly juicers below RM 200.

Orange Juice


1. Morgan juicer MJE AA03W RM 99
This juicer equipped with a powerful motor with a circuit breaker that automatically stops the juicing process when it’s time. It also comes with 400ml juice container.


2.Pensonic Juice Extractor PJ-37 RM 85
This juicer is powered up with 440W.  It comes with 2 speed settings that lets you control the texture of the juice and a pulp container to separate unwanted peels and seeds. It is easily removable and cleaned for your convenience.

Pensonic Juice Extractor

3.Cornell Juice Extractor CJR-400 Blue RM 91
This Cornell juicer is powering on 250 watt. It has 300ml capacity, large pulp container and stainless steel filter.

Budget juicer in Malaysia

4. Elba Juice Extractor EJE-A0435 White RM 103
This juicer is compactly designed for easy storage. It also has a tainless steel grater and filter allows users to make fresh juice easily.
Budget juicer in Malaysia

5.Cornell Juice Extractor CJX-E500 RM 119
Cornell juice extractor is compactly designed for easy storage. It has a stainless steel filter and 1200ml container capacity. You have a choice of 2 speeds so you could choose how finely chopped you wish the fruits to be, due to its powerful motor. It is also featuring anti-slip rubber feet for strong stability on your kitchen table and it has a circuit breaker for an extra safety.

Budget juicer in Malaysia

6.Kenwood Citrus Juicer JE290 White RM 134
This juicer can only extract citrus fruits such as oranges, limes and grapefruits. The 60W motor powers a two-way rotating cone allows you to ‘squeeze’ fruits without much effort. Check out our Kenwood Citrus Juicer review.
Budget juicer in Malaysia

7.Elba 500 Watt Juice Extractor EJE-A2050(SS) White RM 185
Elba juicer is compactly designed for easy storage. You can also juice whole apple with its 75mm extra wide feeder without having to chop it up in pieces. It also has an anti-slip rubber feet for strong stability on your kitchen table. Only takes up 500watts from your electrical usage, it can hold up to 900ml of juice at one time.
Budget juicer in Malaysia

8.SKG Juicer MY-610t RM 143
SKY juice is made with a stainless steel to ensure durability. It has a powerful rotary motor with a power capacity of 450W which allows fast juicing. It’s large input pipe enable you to juice bigger pieces of fruits with minimal cutting required. Peeling is also not required due to the mini pore filter mesh which filters out all unwanted skin and pulps.
Budget juicer in Malaysia

9.Pensonic Juice Extractor PJ-69 Grey & Black RM 185
This juicer comes with a juice and pulp container. It’s useful to help you separate the unwanted seeds and peels from the juice. There is also the fruit tray, where you can rest your fruits for easy reach. The wide feeding tube makes easy for you to juice, no need to cut your fruits into smaller pieces.
Budget juicer in Malaysia

10. Cornell 3-in-1 Juice Extractor CJX-SP450 Brown RM 125
This is a 3-in-1 juicer, blender and miller machine. It has all the adequate features you’ll need from a juicer such as powerful motor with circuit breaker, large pulp container and also stainless steel filter. This product’s juice container has the capacity of up to 300ml.
Budget juicer in Malaysia

When you have a juicer, do try out this delicious Beetroot Apple Juice.


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