20 storage ideas for potatoes, onions and garlic

Most asian household keep a good supply onions, garlic and potatoes. To keep them fresh for a longer period of time, they should be kept in a dry, well-ventilated and preferably dark area. Here are 20 ideas to keep your supply of these produce.

1. Three tier hanging basket If space is premium, this hanging basket makes a smart storage for produce like potatoes and onions.

2. Onions hanger using pantyhose Your old pantyhose can be used to store onions! Learn to make one here .


3. Rattan door hanger The space behind your door can be put to good use like storing herbs. With a rattan hanger, you can store produce that needs ventilation.


4. Three Tier Wire Rack This is beautiful as it is functional

5. Half round wire basket These half round wire basket allow you to make use of the space on your kitchen walls.


6. Brown paper bags Brown paper bags make good and inexpensive temporary storage for potatoes, onions and garlic. Remember to punch some holes to provide ventilation


7. Basket on peg board makes your kitchen looks neat and beautiful.


8. Farmhouse Storage This piece specially designed to hold potatoes, garlic and onions. You can even hang utensils and bags at the bottom.potatoesonionsgarlicstorage8a

9. Vegetable cotton-linen sack These cute vegetable bags store and dispense crops. There are drawstrings with toggles at the top and bottom for easy filling and dispensing.


10. Laundry bags can be made into storage for potatoes, onions and garlic. It can store a large supply of produce and ventilates well. The see-through material means you’ll know when your supply is running low.

11. Bamboo Steamer can also be used to store onions, garlic and shallots. You can even buy a few and stack them up!potatoesonionsgarlicstorage12

12. Porcelain storage for garlic and onions This container saves counter space by allowing you to stack up garlic and onions. Though we would need another tho layers for shallots and potatoes.


13. Open weave baskets in island Another beautiful and neat way to store potatoes, onions and garlic.


14. Wire basket for eggs allow you to store and displaying your produce at the same time.potatoesonionsstorage16

14. Open mesh on drawers keep food hidden yet provide ventilationpotatoesonionsstorages17

15. Tupperware Access Mates Container These portable containers are designed to store produce that needs to be aired. There’s a lid for easy access and holes to provide ventilation.tupperwareonionsstorage

16. In-counter storage module is specially designed to for ease of access without cluttering the worksurface. Genius!potatoesonionsstorage18

17. Crates A good storage system need not be expensive. These wooden storage makes a good storage for onions, potatoes, shallots and garlic.onions and garlic storage

18. Open drawers.We like how this custom-made drawer keep produce out of view and organised.4ed5a7b796095957ab35e8918d25ff23

19. Stackable plastic containers from Daiso Though the containers are not meant to store food, but it’s special lid allows air to circulate to keep food fresh. It also has a lid to keep it away from rats, lizards and cockroaches. RM 5

Garlic Onion Storage - Daiso Malaysia

20. Garlic-n-all storage from Tupperware Malaysia. Garlic-N-All Keeper Tupperware is stackable, saves a lot of counter-top space and its special lid allows air to circulate to keep food fresh. It also has a lid to keep it away from rats, lizards and cockroaches. RM 65

Tuppereware Malaysia - Garlic Storage

How do you store your potatoes, onions and garlic?

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