10 Fancy Desserts and Drinks Featuring Mandarin Oranges

Don’t know what to do with those extra mandarin oranges? You might be inspired to try these beautiful recipes we’ve found from Evernote Food.

1. Citrus and Basil Sangria
This bringht orange sangria with a pop of red strawberries and green basil makes a beautiful drink. Great to serve at parties! (Recipe from What’s Gaby Cooking)

2. Satsuma orange cake
We love how shiny these glazed oranges look. (Recipe from Leite’s Culinaria)

3. Fruit Kebab With Melted Chocolate
Cut fruits, poke them through bamboo skewers and dip it in chocolate sauce. We cannot think of any simpler dessert! (Recipe from Taste.com.au)

4. Phyllo Fruit Tart
A light, fruity dessert drizzled with white chocolate. Reminds you of those little tarts from Delifrance doesn’t it? (Recipe from Skinny Taste)

5. Mandarin Orange & Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta
This Italian dessert is made by simmering cream, milk, sugar, vanilla beans and mandarin zest. (Recipe from The Tomato Tart)

6. Tangerine Lemon Curd
Tangerine and Lemon Curd sounds fancy but is rather simple. It is just a mixture of fresh juice, sugar, zest, butter and eggs; heated and whisked. (Recipe from Joy The Baker)

7. Tangerine Creme Brulees Tartelettes
This is a creme Brulee with a twist. It’s filled with zesty tangerine cream! (Recipe from Tartelette)

8. Rosemary Tangerine Cooler
This is for the adults. Rosemary Tangerine Cooler is a cocktail of sugar-coated tangerines, rosemary sprig and rum. (Recipe from Bon Appetit)

9. Oranges with lavender and mint
A platter of slice oranges makes a quick yet beautiful dessert. This recipe is drizzled with orange flower water, honey, lavender and mint to give the fruit a sweet, floral taste. (Recipe from The Kitchn)

10. Clementine Sorbet
This cold dessert needs only three ingredients- mandarin oranges, sugar and salt! (Recipe from Serious Eats)

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