10 amusing edible crafts from watermelon

Watermelon juice in watermelon bowl

Carving food is fun! We’ve carved a rose from a tomato and made a simple punch bowl from a watermelon. Of all fruits, watermelon is the easiest to carve. Here are some amusing edible crafts made from watermelon.

1. Shark melon
This watermelon shark is complete with teeth and eyes made from grape.


2. Watermelon Death Star
Create the Death Star from the Star Wars. Totally doable.



3. Watermelon turtle
A fruit basket with turtle cover



4. Thirsty Watermelon
This watermelon seems to be asking for some water.



5. Watermelon ship
An elaborate ship made from watermelon, carrots and sticks.



6. Baby in watermelon pram
Perfect for baby shower!

Watermelon carving (JewelPie)


7. Owl watermelon
Watermelon can be carved into a lot of creatures. Owl is another one.



8. Watermelon teapot
I’m a watermelon teapot short and stout!

Watermelon carving (JewelPie)

9. Watermelon submarine
This watermelon submarine is floating on a sea of blueberries and controlled by a lego sailor. Creative!

Watermelon carving (JewelPie)

10. Angry Birds on watermelon boat
This is for the Angry Birds fan. We think it’s not too difficult to make. (Recipe here)


 Have you ever carved a watermelon?

(Most images from Pinterest)




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