VIDEO: Making dark chocolate mousse for a girly party

A girly party should have a lot of light finger-food like tapas and sushi. It’ll be easy to enjoy the food while you and your girlfriends chit-chat over everything under the sun.JewelPie: Chocolate Moose

Since our friends would be making those main dishes, we thought we’ll end the party with a rich and sweet dessert like dark chocolate moose.

We made it a night before, and bring over some sugar sprinkles, cute dessert bowls and ornaments to add a touch of festivity to the simple dessert. It was a day of indulgence, discussion and laughter. Boy, did we had fun!

> Dark chocolate, coarsely chopped x 100 g/ about 1 cup
> Heavy cream x 250 ml
> Egg white x 2 (regular size)
> Sugar x 1 tbsp

Further written instructions and step-by-step photo tutorial here.
What do you normally bring to a party?

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