Very easy ‘claypot’ chicken rice in rice cooker (6 ingredients)

Claypot chicken rice is one of Malaysian’s favourite dish and can be easily made at home….even if you don’t have a claypot. The preparation time is quick (it should be ready in about 30 to 45 minutes) in a rice cooker and the ingredients can be commonly found at home.

claypot chicken rice with rice cooker

To get the bare minimum ingredients, I compared my family’s recipe and a few from the Internet such as Nookcook’s. With all the information, I remove ingredients that I believe is not necessary, including lap cheung (chinese pork sausage) so that everybody can enjoy the dish.

claypot chicken rice

Makes 4 servings
> Rice x 2 cups
> Water x 2 cups
> Chicken, chopped x 1/2 or about 600g
> Dried shiitake mushrooms, soaked x 3
> Dark soy sauce x 2 tsp
> Oyster sauce x 2 tbsp
> Light soy sauce x 3 tbsp
> Ginger x 2 knobs (about the size of two thumbs)

claypot chicken rice


  1. Make ginger juice by grating ginger into a bowl with two tablespoon water. Roughly squeeze the juice out leaving the fibre.
  2. Soak chopped chicken and shittake mushroom with ginger juice, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce and oyster sauce for about 10 minutes.
  3. Wash rice and add water to cook rice. Set to cook.
  4. When the rice is almost cook (when there are still some water in it) which should take about 20 minutes, add marinated chicken and mushrooms along with the sauce.
  5. Close the rice cooker lid and continue cooking for at least 15 minutes. Let it “keep warm” for a while to ensure that the meat is thoroughly cook.
  6. With a chopstick, mix the chicken, mushroom and rice together. The rice will become brown from the soy marinade.
  7. Serve with chopped spring onions and salted fish.

claypot chicken rice with rice cooker


  • I love this dish with this belacan chili dip!
  • If you can, marinate the chicken for a longer time so that it has more flavour. I normally plan my meals ahead and marinate it the night before. When I want to make this dish fast, I’ll be content with flavour from the soy, salted fish and belacan chili.
  • As dried shiitake mushroom takes a while to soften when soak, I normally keep soaked and sliced mushrooms in the freezer.
  • As every rice cooker is different, the cooking time varies. The timing given above is a rough estimate.
  • To cook faster, use a pressure cooker.
  • To avoid soggy rice, be careful to not put too much water.
  • If you think the chicken is not cooked enough, add a little water and cook again for a little while more.
  • To make the dish healthier, add some vegetables such as long beans and garnish with spring onions.

What other one-dish meal do you normally make?

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