TESCO is now online! Do they deliver to your home?

TESCO is now online! Do they deliver to your home?

We’ve found a lot of places you can do groceries online and been keeping an eye on more online supermarkets. While we’re checking our mail on our bed, we found out that TESCO has gone online!

TESCO is now online!

As it’s still in preliminary stage,  TESCO only deliver to a certain areas in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur We’re extremely pleased that our area is included. Doing our groceries on our bed and have them sent to our doorstep would be so convenient.

How to find out if TESCO delivers to your home? Here’s a 3 steps tutorial

STEP 1: Create an account
Go to TESCO’s website at www.eshop.tesco.com.my. Create an account by entering your email and a password.

STEP 2: Add address and phone number.
Key in your state, city, postcode, etc. This part is somewhat tricky. At our first try, we couldn’t find out address. When you’ve successfully found it, you would need to key in your phone number.


STEP 3: Key in personal details
Lucky you, TESCO delivers to your area too! Just key in a few essential details (e.g name, contact preference) and agree to their terms and condition.


That’s it. We now have an account with TESCO online supermarket and we’ve been adding groceries into our cart. If you have trouble finding your address, call up TESCO hotline at 1300-13-1313 to find out.

Let us know if TESCO deliver to your area too!

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