Simple overnight chia seed pudding (3 ingredients)

Simple overnight chia seed pudding (3 ingredients)

chia seed puddingChia seed is something that I’ve been trying to include in my diet. This superfood has many health benefits – the fibre help with bowel movement and have more omega-fatty acid than salmon. I was inspired to make this pudding after a one day detox with Healthy Ever After. One of their breakfast includes chia seed pudding.


Of course, JewelPie’s mantra is easy and fast. So it’s only natural that I scoured the internet to find the basics of such pudding. What you need is just milk, chia seeds and a sweetener like honey. Many recipes calls for vanilla essence for extra flavour. To keep it simple, I omitted that and rely on a flavourful packet soymilk. It turned out absolutely delicious!


Soymilk x 1 cup
Chia seed x 1/4 cup
Honey x 1 tbsp




  1. Mix them all together
  2. Pour into jars or air-tight containers.
  3. Let it sit in the refrigerator overnight
  4. Enjoy it the next day topped with any fruit or nuts.



Chia seed, 150 g RM 14.99 | V-soy multigrain milk, 1L RM 4.55 | Justlife  RM 59.

Chia seed – Due to it’s popularity, chia seeds are now available in supermarkets, not just health food stores. It can be found at the organic section of many supermarkets.

Soymilk – There are plenty of brands of soymilk. We’e made a comparison between Homesoy and Yeo’s. Currently, we are trying out V-soy multi-grain milk. It’s not bad. (RM 4.55 for 1L)

Honey – If you budget allows it, buy raw honey from a reputable source. A possibly good choice is  certified organic raw honey from Justlife. For this recipe, we used regular manuka honey.

chiaseed pudding 4


  • Make this pudding a night before
  • In the morning, top pudding with fruits of your choice, nuts or other super food like goji berries. I’ve added passionfruit. The sourish taste blends perfectly with this sweet pudding!
  • The colour of the pudding is darker than usual as I used soymilk added with other grains like sesame seed.


What is the healthiest breakfast you’ve tried?

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