SAVE OUR SEAFOOD: 5 common seafood to avoid

Malaysia is a country surrounded by ocean rich with sea creatures. We are blessed to be able constantly enjoy fresh seafood at home or when dining out.JewelPie: Seafood Soup

However, due to overfishing, our fish stock are deteriorating and in danger of extinction. If our appetite for seafood continues, scientist predict that in 40 years time there might be no more seafood left.

Save Our Seafood

JewelPie collaborates with Save Our Seafood a campaign by WWF to encourage you to eat responsibly. Today, we’ll show you 5 common seafood that are in the red alert category.


  1. Silver pomfret (bawal putih)
  2. Squid (sotong/ cumi-cumi)
  3. Stingray (pari)
  4. Shark (yu)
  5. Grouper (kerapu)

On your next trip to the market or restaurants, avoid buying and ordering these seafood. Let’s eat with conscience. Together, we can make a difference.

Do you normally buy the above seafood?


Download Save Our Seafood guide to find out what is the recommended seafood and what need to be avoided.
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image credit: Tesco, Presto and NNOA.

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