PRODUCT REVIEW: Tupperware Turbo Chopper

We’ve listed Tupperware Turbo chopper as one of our favourite things in September and gotten a unit from Tupperware for review purpose. This award-winning product was tested in two kitchens, for a week each.
Tupperware Turbo Chopper


  • 1 unit Turbo Chopper ( 3 main parts: Cover, blades & container)
  • 1 User manual


This handy kitchen tool chops up virtually anything from garlic, onions, herbs, capsicums, tomatoes and many more.


  1. Turn and unlock cover. Place blade holder into the container.
  2. Cut ingredients into smaller chunks and place them in the base. Filled up to ¼ of the base’s capacity for optimum performance.
  3. Screw the cover clockwise to lock.
  4. Place chopper on the counter top.
  5. Hold the chopper by placing one hand on the cover and with the other hand, pull the cord in fast movements.
  6. After a few pulls, take the chopper in both hand and shake it to regroup the ingredients. Place it back on the countertop and continue pulling until you have reached the desired size.

tupperware turbo chopper


  • Effortless–Just pull the cord manually to operate the chopper. A few pulls is all you need to turn cloves of garlic into minced garlic.
  • No electrical power required – Need not fuss over wiring and electrical cords. Safe yourself the hassle of hunting for an electrical power point in the kitchen.
  • Compact – Its small size allow it to be kept in cupboard, drawer and even lay it on top of small counter space.
  • Ease of use – Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Easy to clean – Just wash with soap water or place it in the dishwasher. (Except the blade and top cover that houses the pull-cord mechanism)

Tupperware Turbo Chopper


  • Small – The chopper is meant for small batch chopping so if you need to chop a lot of ingredient at one go, you’ll have to repeat the process many times.

Tupperware Turbo Choper


  • The container may retain the smell of the ingredient especially pungent food such as onions and garlic. Hence, it’s best to wash as soon as possible after using the chopper.
  • The chopper is meant to cut soft and semi-soft ingredients. Our attempt with hardy vegetable such as carrot was slightly laborious.
  • Washing of the blades require extra care since the blades are extremely sharp. Imagine a miniature ceiling fan made of very sharp razor blade. So after drying the blade, it’s a good idea to place the blade cover back on.
  • The cover can be separated into two. To ensure the longevity of the product, do not wash the part with the string attached.

Tupperware Turbo Chopper

This Turbo Chopper retails at RM 129.90. It is available at any Tupperware dealer.

You can get more info at Tupperware.Tupperware

In an Asian kitchen, almost every meal needs some minced garlic or chopped onion. The Turbo Chopper is so handy for these tasks that we find ourselves leaving it on top of the kitchen counter for easy access.

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