ntv7 BELLA: May 22, 2015
Sara Khong spoke about why and how to de-clutter your home. She demonstrated a smarter way of folding and displaying clothes.

ntv7  BELLA: Oct 16, 2014
Sara Khong talks about her cookbook ‘Malaysian Meals In 30 Minutes’ and shows how to make fish balls and congee in 30 minutes. (Watch the show here)

Sara Khong

ntv7  BELLA: July 24, 2014
Sara Khong demonstrate how to sneak barley into a delicious sandwich.


MPH Quill Magazine: January – March 2014, issue 40 Page 28 and 29
“Party Poppers: Lohshini Manickavasagam speaks to two enterprising and energetic women who set the scene for a fete to remember” (more…)MPH Quill Jan - Mar 2014

ntv7  BELLA: 21 Feb 2014
We were invited on Bella to discuss about juicing vs blending with Elaine Daly, a nutritionist and a juice enthusiast.

Bella February 2014

The Star: December 2013 Page 11 of Star2
“Making cooking easier using smart ideas, tools and technology” (more…)


The Malay Mail: October 2013 Page 23, 24 & 25
“Secret tricks to make life in Malaysia easier” (more…)

JewelPie in The Malay Mail

New Straits Times (NST): September 2013 Page 2 & 3
“Work-life balance can be achieved when one is armed with smart solutions” (more…)

JewelPie In NST Sept 2013

ntv7  BELLA: August 2013 Episode 123
“Smart ideas for simple homemaking” (more…)

JewelPie: Bella TV, ntv7

“Packed with photo tutorials with some of the most delectable bites” (more…)


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