Pandan flavoured sugar

While finding alternative uses of pandan leaves on the net, we found a brilliant idea of making pandan flavored sugar. We love the idea of fragrant pandan leaves infused in our regular bottle of sugar.
Herb-infused sugar is nothing new. Herbs that are commonly used to flavour sugar include cinnamon and vanilla pod. We’re already thinking of other possibilities with asian herbs and spices!

JewelPie - Pandan Infused Sugar

> Sugar
> Jar
> Pandan leaves/ screwpine leaves


JewelPie - Pandan Flavoured Sugar
1. Cut pandan leaves With a pair of scissors, cut small pieces of pandan leaves into a glass jar.
2. Pour sugar into the glass jar
3. Mix sugar and pandan leaves Using a spoon, mix the sugar and pandan leaves throughly.

Now you have a jar of sugar scented with delicious fragrance of pandan leaves!

JewelPie - Pandan Infused Sugar3

Let it sit for a week or so to allow the scent of pandan to be well infused into the sugar.


It’ll be a lovely sweetener for our favorite ginger lemongrass tea or a cup of coffee don’t you think?

Have you made any herb-infused sugar before? Let us know below or at Facebook / Twitter !

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