VIDEO: Making mojito like a bartender…in 10 simple steps

The simple recipe for a homemade virgin mojito that we’ve tried from Food & Wine magazine was a shortcut and not very authentic.  This time we’ll show you how to make a real mojito. A really delicious one.

Where to better learn it than from a bartender from one of the most prestigious bar in Kuala Lumpur? At Marini on 57, a bar overlooking the beautiful view of twins tower, we learned how to make a glass of delicious mojito in 10 simple step. It’s tangy, sweet and a little bitter…all at the same time.

> Mint leaves x a handful
> Crushed iced x 1 cup
> Simple syrup x 1 tablespoon (melt one part of sugar with one part of water)
> Lime juice x 1 tablespoon
> Soda Water x 1 tablespoon
> Antagora bitter x 1 dash (What is it?)

> Muddler (What is it?)

What do you normally order at a bar?

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