LG Hom-bot robotic vacuum cleaner

As robotic vacuum cleaners are quite new in the market, many of us are often clueless as to how it works. So we loaned LG Hom-bot vacuum cleaner for three weeks for a thorough testing. If you are considering to buy a machine, start by reading this review and watching a short clip we put together.

LG Hom-bot robotic vacuum cleaner

We tested Hom-Bot in two homes; a double-storey house with 2000 square feet marble, tiles and wooden flooring and a 1200 square feet apartment. The battery runs out about 1.5 hours of cleaning and returns to its home base automatically to be recharged. It typically takes 3 hours for a full charge.

LG Hom-bot


  • 1 Home station/charger
  • 1 Hom-Bot Dustbin (with filter already fitted within)
  • 1 spare Dustbin filter
  • 1 Remote control with 2 AAA size battery for remote controller
  • 1 Operation manual
  • 2 Side brushes
  • 1 set of cleaning tools
  • 1 Mop Plate with 2 ultra-microfiber mop

LG Hom-bot


  • Size: 340mm x 340mm x 89mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight : 3kg
  • Dustbin Capacity: 0.6 litre (HEPA filter)
  • Power consumption: 18W
  • Use Time: Approximately 100 minutes
  • Battery : Lithium Ion Polymer Battery
  • Main functions: Turbo Mode, Learning Mode, Obstacle Sensing,Anti-Plunge function, Scheduled Cleaning, Error Displaying, Navigation, Auto/Manual Recharging, Dry Mopping, Corner Clean, Voice Messaging, Map Drawing, Spot Cleaning, Repeat Cleaning, My Space Cleaning, Cell by Cell cleaning, Zigzag Cleaning.

LG Hom-bot robotic vacuum cleaner


  1. Set up home station by simply plugging power cord into an outlet and make ensure there is free space of 1.5-2 meter around it.
  2. When Hom-Bot is fully charged, choose from 4 main cleaning modes – Zigzag, Cell by Cell, Spot and Turbo Mode and push the start button.
  3. Hom-Bot will return to the home station before the battery is fully discharged.

LG Hom-bot


  • Superb cleaning ability–The suction system sucks up dust and small particle efficiently with the help of 2 front rotating brushes that can reach under the side of furniture.
  • HEPA filter which traps harmful dust particles – Dustbin is fitted with HEPA filter that traps harmful dust particles
  • Drawer mop plate – You can attach a cloth at the bottom which makes cleaning even more thorough. We find the marble flooring so clean that mopping is not necessary.

LG Hom-bot

  • Carpet master picks up hairs – a big rotating brush at the bottom of HomBot for carpet cleaning is equally useful for other flooring as the brush manage to pick up human hair and pet hair.
  • Two cameras which maps/remember your home– Hom-Bot has 2 “Eyes” to help it navigate around the house intelligently. It has a top camera to scan and capture images of ceiling and bottom to scan the floor. The machine remembers the home and would work faster as it adapts to it.
  • Square design that enable cleaning at corners – It is not too bulky and fit nicely in corners of the house because of its square design.

LG Hom-bot robotic vacuum cleaner

  • Different type of cleaning method – free to choose from 4 different mode and even manual mode with the use of remote control. It is very much like operating a remote-controlled toy car.
  • Silent – It’s so quiet that when the TV is on, the humming sound of Hom-Bot is completely muffled.
  • Easy to clean – Dustbin is a plastic square which can be taken out from the top. Emptying and cleaning it is a breeze.

LG Hom-bot

  • Voice Guidance  – Hom-Bot is programmed to give out warning message when it encounter obstructions or require cleaning. In one instance, Hom-Bot was stuck under the sofa and the voice message goes “Hom-Bot cannot continue cleaning. Please check the area around it”.
  • Automatic cleaning through scheduling– You can schedule the machine to clean at a certain time. For example, if you set it to clean at 6 pm, it will automatically do that on that time and return to its home after it’s finished. You can set it to clean while you are at work and come home to a squeaky clean floor!
  • Censor which prevents it from falling off the stairs – Watch out video below to see how the censor works.

LG Hom-bot robotic vacuum cleaner


  • High price tag – Price of HomBot is on a higher end compare to the rest. The retail price of Hom-Bot is RM 2,499.
  • Trapped by cables and low corner – Although Hom-Bot avoids pretty much all the big furniture, it can’t detect small items such as cables or strips. Once we left the table runner dangling too low and Hom-Bot’s front brushes caught the table runner. We suggest you to monitor the machine the first time it is running to ensure it would not trap cables, table runners or get stuck.

LG Hom-bot robotic vacuum cleaner

  • Glossy finish – Although the glossy finish of the square is easy on the eyes, it can easily have finger print imprinted on the surface.


  • Cannot move up the stairs- If you stay in a two or three-storey house, you will have to move it up to the floor to clean. It is unable to clean the staircase, so you would have to do it yourself.
  • The battery need to be replaced after 300 charges – The battery costs about RM 170 per unit and can be bought at LG service centre at Kelana Jaya. We think the battery cycle count is rather low and would have preferred if it could last longer e.g Apple’s computer battery delivers up to 1000 charges.
  • Suitable for home without too many bulky furniture on the floor and of reasonably size per square foot.

LG Hom-bot robotic vacuum cleaner

  • Recommended to clean the bin after every cleaning session – Although the dustbin capacity is reasonably big, we find that cleaning out the bin after every cleaning session will result in better suction power.
  • Carpet master needs to be cleared too – When hair or other foreign materials restrict the brush rotation too much, Hom-Bot will self-diagnose and give out warning message.LG Hom-bot robotic vacuum cleaner
  • One year warranty – It has one year warranty
  • Not made for wet surface – Note that this machine is not made for wet surface. Make sure it does not accidentally go into the wet bathroom.


Major electrical stores in Malaysia.

Here’s a short  1 minute video to show you how Hom-bot sounds:

HomBot is definitely a convenient cleaner which works automatically on its own. It helps you keep your house clean with a click of a button. Busy people with little time to clean and is particular about clean floor would appreciate this convenient machine. However, at RM 2,499, it’s an expensive cleaning option. Smaller homes with bulky furniture hence small surface may not justify this investment.

Do you have a robotic vacuum cleaner at home? Does it work well? If you don’t, are you planning to get one?


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  1. megatti
    May 13, 2014 at 11:56 pm #

    Thanks for the review. I was searching for the price and where to buy in Malaysia. Wow its pricey! other cheapo brands cost less than RM500. This hombot must be very good then…have you tried other brands tho? thanks.

  2. Sara
    May 14, 2014 at 9:13 am #

    You’re welcome. We’ve tried another one, Samsung Navibot S. Review here: http://jewelpie.com/samsung-navibot-s/

  3. shalini
    July 29, 2014 at 2:35 am #

    Can u help me about whether I get it in india

  4. Jen Nee
    October 1, 2014 at 10:06 am #

    Hello, my name is Jen Nee.

    May I ask for your opinion which robotic vacuum cleaner you recommend?

    Thank you

  5. Charlie
    October 21, 2014 at 1:21 am #

    Robotic vacuum cleaners are time-saving investitions. A friend of mine bought bObsweep http://www.homerobotvacuum.com/ a week ago … she was never happier than now.

  6. Rex
    December 1, 2014 at 7:38 am #

    Hello.. I will recommend the LG hom bot square. I have one and been tested my self it performs really good job!


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