JewelPie’s Best of February

February was an eventful month. We had much fun creating beautiful yet simple food for both Chinese New Year. We did some shopping and styling too. Here are our favourite articles this month!

Koi Fish Jelly

Koi Fish Jelly in 30 Minutes
We were thrilled that these koi fish jelly turn out looking very real. The best part is, they are not difficult to make at all!


Easy-peasy DIY Lunar New Year manicure

Easy peasy nails for Chinese New Year
February was a busy month and we’re finding it hard to fit in a manicure session to our hectic schedule. So we decided to do it at home and created a tutorial.


mandarin orange chain

How to eat mandarin orange (without peeling!)
We don’t want to ruin our manicure in the process of eating mandarin oranges. So we decided to cut our mandarin orange into a strip instead!


Leopard Print

A Slice of Sara: Leopard Print
You might be surprise what you subconsciously like. Look around your personal belongings and see which pattern/colour you have most.


How to carve a rose from a tomato

How to carve a rose from a tomato
We wanted a simple way to make dishes extra special and beautiful. So we created a simple tutorial to make a rose out of a tomato!


Ginger Lemongrass Tea - JewelPie

Ginger and Lemongrass Tea to Calm Your Soul
We’ve always enjoy the soothing herbal tea served at tropical spa. We’ve got a recipe from Mandara Spa and made some improvements.


Rose Milk Foot Soak

Luxurious rose milk foot soak
Don’t cry over expired milk. Make a foot soak out of it! We’ve got a carton which we’ve left in the pantry for too long. So we made a luxurious foot bath!


Fish & Chips With Mushy Peas

British-style fish and chips with mushy peas in 30 minutes
Inspired by the meal we had in a restaurant in central London, we wanted to recreate it at home. It takes only 30 minutes!



Worry about going to the saloon no more!
Never dare try a new hairstyle because you’ve afraid it’ll look terrible on you? We’ve found an app which will solve your problem


Mandarin Orange Aromatherapy Candle

Turn mandarin orange into an aromatherapy candle
An aromatherapy burner cannot get more natural than this!


RoombaWish a robot will sweep the floor for you?
JewelPie is all about making use of tools and technology to save time. We are thinking of investing in a robotic vacuum cleaner. Find out where to get one here.


creative ideas to store your shoes

11 Creative Ways To Store Shoes
We’ve found a few interesting ways to store and organise your shoes.

What’s your favourite article this month?


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