JewelPie's best of August

JewelPie's best of August

What’s the best thing about this August? The long holidays? Ramadhan bazaar? Raya celebration? Merdeka perhaps? Whatever it is for you, we hope you had a great month. Here’s some of our favourite articles this month

1. Keeping manuals in Evernote…Part 2

JewelPie: Keeping Manuals In Evernote

2. Healthy lunchbox in 10 minutes

JewelPie: lunchbox

3. 3 ways to make writing and replying email faster

Gmail shortcuts

4. 10 quotes to encourage you to dress up and look good everyday


5.  15 cool ideas for a balloon filled party


6. Homemade kaya jam (5 ingredients, 15 minutes)
Kaya Jam

7. DIY polka dot nails with ballpoint pen

Polka Dot Nails


8. 3 least fattening food at mamak


9. Sugar cookies. Freeze and bake anytime.

Sugar Cookies

10. 3 unexpected but useful things to keep in your wallet

JewelPie: wallet

11. Homemade soymilk. Ready in 30 minutes!

soya bean milk

12. DIY mini bunting for a cake in 10 minutes

DIY mini bunting


13. Merdeka tea party

JewelPie: Merdeka Tea Party

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