JewelPie partners with Save Our Seafood (WWF)

JewelPie partners with Save Our Seafood (WWF)

Save Our Seafood WWF x JewelPie

Like many Malaysians, at JewelPie, we love to eat. However, we learned that some of our seafood are overfished. If we continue to consume them, there will be no more left in 40 years time.


Hence, JewelPie collaborates with Save Our Seafood 2.0 Campaign ( We join other caring establishments such as Shangri-La,  Double Tree, Department of Fisheries Malaysia and Mosti to create awareness and encourage you to eat sustainably.

JewelPie x Save Our Seafood WWF

Together, we can reverse the fate of our seafood. Let’s remind each other to make a better choice every time we buy or order seafood.

How can you help?
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