How to save fuel? 3 tricks you might not know

How to save fuel? 3 tricks you might not know

At JewelPie, we believe in finding practical solutions to everyday problems. How do we deal with fuel price hikes? Learn ways to reduce petrol consumption! While carpooling and using public transportation are obvious answers, they are unfortunately not always feasible. In Malaysia, driving is often unavoidable. This is especially true for working women.

What can we do then? Here are three tips from Shell’s fuel technology manager, Mr. Loke Ean Bee. According to him, following these tips will give you great savings.


1. Use the aircond sparingly
It’s possible to save 5 to 25 % fuel if you learn to use your aircond sparingly (source). How can you do that in a hot country like Malaysia? You don’t have to make your car as cold a a freezer. Instead of turning the temperature to the lowest, you can keep yourself cool at an ideal room temperature of 24°C.

2. Check your tyre pressure
Imagine two balls; one pumped with air and another which is inflated. Which one needs more energy to roll? The latter of course. The same applies to your car. If you want to save fuel, make sure that your tyre pressure is at its optimum.


3. Choose the correct fuel
Use petrol that is designed to help you save fuel, as there also exists performance fuel varieties.

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