How to look less tired? 7 tried and tested ways

How to look less tired? 7 tried and tested ways

Have you been told that you look tired? Probably. How can you not when you pulled an all-nighter and did not have enough rest since last week. But nobody liked to be told that they look sickly. We’ve compiled 7 tried and tested ways to help you avoid getting that unwelcome comment again.


1. Sleep as early as you can
Our body is designed to sync with the cycles of nature, the natural circadian rhythm. The best time to sleep, according to science and alternative medicine practitioners, is from 10 pm to 6 am (source).

However, this is almost impossible to achieve with our urban lifestyle. What you can do is trying to sleep as early as you can. If you can’t sleep by 10 pm, at least try to sleep by midnight. Otherwise, no matter how many hours you sleep, you will likely to look tired.

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2. Adopt a better diet
You probably look tired because you are! At JewelPie, we believe in curing the root problem. Give yourself more energy by eating healthy. Eating better is not something that can be done overnight. Start by reducing consumption of refined sugar and processed food . You can find out more here: How to eat healthy & have more energy.

3. Put on make-up
That eye bags and pale face is probably what make people think you look tired. For a quick-fix, put on some makeup.  A good concealer, peachy blusher and tinted lipbalm can make your face glow. We find this Youtube tutorial ‘Makeup For Sick Days‘ extremely useful.



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4. Don’t slouch
Slouching will make you look more tired than you are. Always have a good posture. Stand straight and  pull your shoulder back.

5. Wear clothing that compliments your skin colour
If you’re told that you look sick when you are not, the culprit could be colour of the clothes that you’re wearing. Not all colour matches your skin colour; some makes us look pale. Find out what colour look best on you and donate those that makes you look paler than you already are.


6. Replenish your energy after menses
Traditional chinese medicine encourage women to replenish their blood after their monthly menstrual cycle. Eat food that are rich in iron such as seaweed, leafy green vegetables, red dates and cockles. Try our three dates recipe.

7. Keep a spray bottle in your bag
Another temporary fix is facial mist. When you can’t open your eyes, quickly freshen up with facial mist. It’ll make you feel more awake, hence less tired. You can find them at Melvita, Neal Yard’s Remedy and Yadah.

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How do you keep yourself looking fresh? Share with us your best trick!

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