How to make healthy food tastes good? 3 herbs & spices!

How to make healthy food tastes good? 3 herbs & spices!

In a previous article, I wrote about the 3 basic rules to eat healthy and have more energy.  I showed how easy it can be with just a few smart food choices. Healthy food does have an underserved reputation for being tasteless and boring. But the truth is, you don’t have to give up on flavour when you start adopting a healthier lifestyle.

In fact, if you start using spices and herbs on your meals, you won’t miss all the sodium, sugar, and additives that your taste buds have grown so accustomed to. Here are three of my favourites herbs and spices:


What This herb is touted to be a powerful antioxidant, famously infused into classic Italian meals. Best of all, basil is an easy growing herb that can be planted on a windowsill under shaded sunlight. Once harvested, it can be preserved through freezing or drying so it is certainly a budget friendly option.

How to use Often used in tomato sauces, salad dressings, pesto and pasta dishes.

Recipe Try out roast tomato soup


What My all-time favourite herb to use on mushrooms, rosemary is a powerhouse of flavour plus it contains free radical blocking benefits. Don’t be turned off by its pungent scent as it produces a delicious taste once cooked.

How to use Chop fresh rosemary sprigs in roast chicken, lamb, or beef, or as a flavourful dip for warm whole wheat baguette slices mixed with olive oil.

Recipe Try out 2 minutes roast mushroom

banana cinnamon toast

What There is nothing more comforting than the aroma of cinnamon in freshly baked cinnamon rolls or a hot cup of chai tea. Sometimes, just the smell of it can lift one’s spirits; hence it is often used in beverages like the aforementioned chai and apple cider. What more, cinnamon also helps reduce blood sugar levels and overall cholesterol levels.

How to use Add cinnamon to coffee and tea, desserts and curries or just sprinkle some on your morning fruit or oatmeal bowl!

Recipe Try our 2 minutes banana cinnamon toast
If this is your first encounter with spices, you can be more light-handed when adding it to your dishes. After all, it is supposed to add zest to your food, not drown the taste and your palate.

Try it and let us know how it turns out!

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