How to carve a rose from a tomato (3 minutes)

We feast with our eyes as much as our tongue. Beautiful food wet our appetite and enhance our dining experience. Hence, after preparing healthy meals, I like to arrange them nicely on a plate and use my best utensils. On special occasion, I even make food carving. One that is incredibly easy to make is a ‘rose’ from a tomato.
How to carve a rose from a tomato

In a nutshell
The idea is to cut a continuous strip of skin from the tomato. It’s much like peeling an apple in a long curly strip. You will remove the skin and leave the bare flesh. If you can do that, this wouldn’t be a problem. Even if you don’t, this is very easy to master. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial:

How To Carve A Rose From A Tomato - JewelPie


  1. From the top of the tomato, cut a semi-circle around the stem, about 2 cm away from the top.
  2. Slit it around the whole tomato- maintaining the same width. Remember not to cut too deep as you only want the skin of the tomato.
  3. Cut all the way until the bottom of the tomato.
  4. Cut horizontally from the top to remove the outer strip of skin from the tomato.
  5. Continue cutting all the way until the end.
  6. When you reach the bottom, cut the strip off from the tomato .
  7. You will have a long strip of tomato skin.
  8. Roll it to form a rose.

How To Carve A Rose From A Tomato - JewelPieHow To Carve A Rose From A Tomato - JewelPie

It makes a beautiful garnishing to a simple vegetable dish. Try it!

Do you have any easy method to decorate a dish?

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  1. Shannon Lim
    Shannon | JustAsDelish
    January 23, 2014 at 4:44 pm #

    This is too pretty! Thanks for sharing this easy tip :)


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