How would you like a tiffin set for lunch, cooked by an Asian Food Channel 2015 Food Hero Asia Winner, to be delivered straight to your doorstep? Yes, Dish By Ili, a Malaysian wholesome tiffin food service founded by Ili Sulaiman – also known as the mangkuk tingkat girl – offers home cooked food for the truly Malaysian foodies six days a week.

The menu changes daily, so be sure to check out what’s on offer for your selected date. The day I asked for the meals to be delivered, they’re offering Grilled Thai Style Green Chicken, which comes complete with fresh mixed veggies (including sambal), steamed white rice and freshly baked brownies.


Upon receiving the tiffin set which comes complete with an instruction on how to reheat the meals, I noticed that the set is quite heavy. It serves about 2 to 3 eaters and is priced at RM76.50. If you order through, you get to keep the tiffins!

DISH 1: Grilled Thai Style Green Chicken


What is it? Grilled chicken prepared with a fresh combination of basil, mint, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, and fish sauce.

Type: Main course.

Taste: The chicken is perfectly marinated, is tender in texture with a strong taste of herbs. Overall, the chicken has a balanced taste – neither too bland or too seasoned. I also love that there’s a little bit of gravy leftover at the bottom of the tiffin, since I like the taste of the fat and juices released from the chicken.

DISH 2: Mixed Vegetables with Sambal


What is it? Fresh seasonal veggies which include sliced carrots, cabbages, long beans, broccoli complete with sambal.

Type: Main course.

Taste: Overall the veggies taste crunchy in texture, which truly indicates how fresh they are. As for the accompanying sambal, I personally found it to be quite hot as I can’t tolerate spicy food. But if you’re a hot and spicy kind of foodie, you’d be truly glad by the spiciness of the fresh sambal.

DISH 3: Brownies with Salted Caramel Drizzle


What is it? Freshly baked brownies with salted caramel for topping.

Type: Dessert

Taste: I love how crunchy the brownie is on top, while it’s moist in the inside. It’s sweet enough, and for foodies who don’t really like sweet things (like me), this is surprisingly a feel-good indulgent worth eating.




Would you order this tiffin set from Dish By Ili?

DISH by Ili is a Malaysian wholesome tiffin food service that was founded by Ili Sulaiman, known as the mangkuk tingkat girl and Asian Food Channel 2015 Food Hero Asia Winner. Let Ili and her team deliver scrumptious home cooked food to your door 6 days a week for any foodie get togethers.

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