FAV FIVE: Metallic kitchen appliances upgrade

FAV FIVE: Metallic kitchen appliances upgrade

My kitchen appliances have served me for five long years and been showing signs of wear. When I had my first kitchen, it was a turbulent time and everything was purchased in a hurry. While they served me well and I’ve used them a lot for producing the food you see here in JewelPie and also my cookbook, I sometimes long for appliances that serves not just my growing needs, but my evolving taste.

As I’ve recently received a new Kitchenaid standmixer (yes, it’s in champagne gold like the above photo!), I’m thinking about items I would eventually have to replace. These are a few things I’m eyeing and why:

Champagne gold
1. Refrigerator with French Bottom Freezer (Hitachi R-E6800M, RM 12, 999)

My refrigerator is a conventional one with a single door and the chiller at the bottom. For someone who is very serious about saving time and creating meals at home, I want a bigger refrigerator with ample space in the freezer to store fresh produce. I also like the convenience of getting things from the chiller without having to bend down. So I’ve been looking out for a large refrigerator with freezer located at the bottom.

At the recent Hitachi launch, I saw one that fits my needs. The refrigerator is made in Japan and comes with a few interesting features such as a vacuum compartment to avoid food oxidation. I can’t deny I’m also attracted to the beautiful gold sheen.

2. Rice cooker with slow cooker ability (Hitachi, RM 1799)
Rice cooker’s technology has improved greatly. I’ve been looking for one that cooks rapidly and discovered more. Hitachi’s rice cooker claims that it ‘enables rapid cooking while reducing energy use’. I’m also attracted to it’s slow cooking function.

More: Hitachi’s website

3. Standmixer (Kitchenaid Standmixer, RM 3199)
Though I grew up with a mixer since young and spent joyous hours making biscuits with my Mom, I do not have a standmixer for years since I got my own kitchen. I was too busy preparing main meals; there’s no time to make dessert! When I found time, I still avoid purchasing it because I want to make healthier desserts.

Not having a standmixer to make cakes and cookies forced me to be creative e.g kiwi agar-agar, no-bake cheesecake and almond flakes cookies. But this year as I look at my family making Chinese New Year cookies, it does make me feel left-out. Lucky for me, I received a Kitchenaid Standmixer as a gift!


4. Kettle (Philips, RM 219)
The fastest and easiest way to heat up water is in the electric kettle. I use mine a lot and I’m on my second kettle in five years. If my kettle fails, this very pretty champagne gold kettle will replace it.

5. Freestanding cooker with oven (Belling Sterling, RM 12, 999)
This is the type of cooker that I’ve been using – four gas burners (so I can cook a few things at the same time), an oven at the bottom and a space to store cooking gas. If I were to find a similar and a better quality one, this will be it.

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