Ethics statement

JewelPie aims to create beautiful, original and honest content. Here is our ethics statement:

JewelPie uses products to help achieve a simple and beautiful lifestyle. We pay for all the products featured in JewelPie, as these are the products we normally use in our daily life and/or believe benefit our readers. We are not compensated for any products featured in JewelPie. Any products that we receive will be disclosed.

Advertising and partnership
JewelPie does not believe in regurgitating press releases i.e advertorials. Instead, we test the products and find creative ways of using them. We will only accept brands that we believe will help our readers with their everyday life.

JewelPie is open to affiliate programs. When you click on some of our links and successfully buy an item, we may receive a commission. This affiliate relationship allows us to receive products as giveaways to our readers.

Product review
We are rarely paid to do a product review. If we do, it will be disclosed in the article. The products are often returned to the manufacturer after the review or given away to our readers. If they are not (normally due to hygienic reasons e.g used cosmetics), it will be mentioned in the article.

Images and Links
While JewelPie creates mostly original content, we also get ideas and photos from the web to share it here on our website. We will always credit them to the original website when we can. In the event that we’ve missed it, let us know and we will rectify it immediately.