Easiest way to separate egg white

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extracteggwhiteWhile there are ingenious ways to separate the white from the yolk (e.g using a bottle or fancy equipments), we find the easiest and most convenient way is using a fork.


1. POKE Using one of the hands of a fork, lightly poke a small hole on top of the egg.

2. CRACK Then, make the hole bigger by cracking the shell with the fork.

3. REMOVE With  your fingers, remove pieces of egg shells to form a hole. An ideal size should be about the size of 5 cents. If its’ too small, it’ll be difficult for the white to flow out of the egg. If it’s too big, the yolk will flow out together.

4. POUR Pour egg whites into a bowl.

JewelPie- dark chocolate moose

You can use the egg white, along with sugar, thickened cream and dark chocolate to make chocolate mousse. sandalwoodmask3-jewelpie

The remaining yolk can be used to moisturise your face. Try an ayurvedic sandalwood mask.

How do you normally separate egg white and egg yolk?


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