Easiest way to separate egg white

Easiest way to separate egg white

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extracteggwhiteWhile there are ingenious ways to separate the white from the yolk (e.g using a bottle or fancy equipments), we find the easiest and most convenient way is using a fork.


1. POKE Using one of the hands of a fork, lightly poke a small hole on top of the egg.

2. CRACK Then, make the hole bigger by cracking the shell with the fork.

3. REMOVE With¬† your fingers, remove pieces of egg shells to form a hole. An ideal size should be about the size of 5 cents. If its’ too small, it’ll be difficult for the white to flow out of the egg. If it’s too big, the yolk will flow out together.

4. POUR Pour egg whites into a bowl.

JewelPie- dark chocolate moose

You can use the egg white, along with sugar, thickened cream and dark chocolate to make chocolate mousse. sandalwoodmask3-jewelpie

The remaining yolk can be used to moisturise your face. Try an ayurvedic sandalwood mask.

How do you normally separate egg white and egg yolk?

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