British-style fish and chips with mushy peas (4 ingredients, 30 minutes)

Quick Cook: quick and fresh meals in minutesHere’s a backup plan for that last-minute dinner at your home: fish and chips with mushy peas. You can serve this in 30 minutes!Fish and Chips With Mushy Peas - JewelPie

The idea is using frozen and canned food. Due to their long shelf life, keeping some of them is a good idea for busy women who are often unable to get fresh groceries.Fish And Chips With Mushy Peas - JewelPIe

Fish And Chips from a restaurant in central London, Founders Arm

This meal is inspired from the Christmas dinner in London at Founders Arms. We normally hate peas but mushy peas is another story altogether! We love that this meal is quick to put together, almost fool-proof and looks good.

Fish And Chips With Mushy Peas - JewelPIe


For the fish and chips
> Frozen fish fillet & chips (We used Pacific West)
> Lemon x 1 wedge

For the mushy peas
> Canned peas x 1 can
> Butter x 1 knob
> Salt & black pepper to taste

HOW-TO:Fish And Chips With Mushy Peas- JewelPie

(1) To make your mushy peas, put the butter in a pan with the peas. (2) Cover the pan with a lid and simmer for about 10 minutes. (3) Season with salt and pepper. (4) With a potato masher, mash the peas. (5) Fry the chip first, (6) then the fish . Serve with mayonnaise or tartar sauce topped  and a wedge of lemon.
Fish & Chips With Mushy Peas

Fish And Chips With Mushy Peas - JewelPIe

Fish and Chips - JewelPie

We believe fish and chips are a universal favorite. Have you met anyone who doesn’t? Let us know!

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