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saraModern women are taught to read and write, not cook and clean. It wasn’t a surprise or shame to me, that I couldn’t fry an egg or sew a button…until I move into my own bachelorette pad after I graduated from university.

Less than happy home
In my new house, I was working on nothing else but my newly established online fashion business. Keeping the house neat and making meals was secondary, almost unnecessary.

With little time and skills, I lived in a house of dusty floor and empty fridge. Surviving almost entirely on pizza delivery for a month made me sick, tired and unhappy. I didn’t look and feel as good as I should. That was when I realized that a cosy home and cooking skills are utmost important for health, beauty, productivity and happiness.


Finding smart solutions
As I was burdened with work, I devised easy and quick method to cook, clean and care for myself. I could have one of the most nutritious meal in the world and wash up within 30 minutes (Ready-made prata and a bowl of microwaved homemade lentil curry is my favorite ‘busy meal’).

Slowly, I collect simple yet healthy recipes and save into Evernote, find useful apps on iTunes to help make grocery shopping more efficient, cook with the iPad I placed on the microwave, try out simple recipes from the net during the weekends, organize the house part by part to locate things quicker and google shortcuts for chores.

In short, I was finding the smartest way to do things around the house.Sharing Through JewelPie

Sharing through JewelPie
After many months of research and trial-and-error, the house morphed into a home. My home is clean and organized, my pantry well stocked up and healthy meals filled the freezer. I’m even able to make more than decent dishes to pot luck parties. I was happy again.

Friends started to ask me how I made meals and dessert I posted on Facebook and Instagram. It made me extremely excited to share all the tricks I’ve learned overtime. It was then that I realize my new passion in homemaking and JewelPie is born.

I began to be fascinated not only by fashion; I marveled over food, home decor, home appliances, flowers, alternative medicine, yoga, note-taking, crafts and everything beautiful for the home. Of course, it still had to be simple and quick.

Modern woman at home
Home should be the best place to be: clean, beautiful and cosy.

Like many modern women, I don’t have the time to cook elaborate meals or to keep the house spick-and-span all the time; there are other important matters to attend to. But time and commitment shouldn’t come into the way of having an ideal home we deserve.

With smart solutions, technology and hired help; I believe we can make a home we love to go back to. Through our simple tutorials, smart solutions and suggestions, we hope JewelPie helps you make a beautiful home with ease.

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