8 things for a relaxing Balinese dining experience at home

Our ideal home dining is one that is casual and relaxing. Can you think of anything better than taking our time to savour home-cooked food and engage in good conversation with family and friends?JewelPie: Bali

While staying at the resort overlooking one of the most beautiful beach in Bali, we’ve found inspiration to turn our dining space into a tropical one.

Here are 8 things you can include into your dining space for a relaxing, Balinese-style dining experience.

1. Tropical flowers
Fresh flowers always add beauty to any space. For a tropical feel, get flowers like orchid or bird of paradise.

JewelPie: Balinese

2. Wooden dining table and seats
In Bali, almost all furniture made from natural material like wood and rattan. We love how it reminds us of nature.

JewelPie: Balinese

3. Wooden or grass placemat
Instead of placemat made from synthetic material, use those from natural origins like wood or ‘ata’, a type of grass widely available at Bali.

JewelPie: Balinese

4. Ceramic bowls
Handicrafts in Bali includes ceramic bowls. The most popular brand offering beautiful ceramic tableware is Jengala Keramik.

JewelPie: Balinese

5. Lemongrass decor
Remember how we decorate our kitchen corner with pandan leaves? You can also use lemongrass.

JewelPie: Balinese

6. Food cover made from natural materials
House flies is an issues hot and humid tropical country. Keep your food protected with food cover made from natural materials like rattan and net.

JewelPie: Balinese

7. Wooden tray
Serve food or keep things stylishly on wooden trays.

JewelPie: Balinese

8. Gamelan music
Lastly, a relaxing Balinese dining experience is not complete without traditional background music. Get a couple of CD of gamelan music and enjoy your meal with music.

JewelPie: Balinese

Have you tried to create a relaxing dining experience at home? Let us know below, or on Facebook or Twitter.


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